Friday, 2 March 2012

       Dear Intan,i wish i could see you are the only friend that understands me so much...even more than Jasmine and the way,did you that Jasmine and Darnisha missed you so much...we all wish that you can come to SMK Wangsa Melawati if you are are very welcome if you,i hope everything is better there without me...just LONELY '~'
During recess in that school...i have no friends to company me...Jasmine with Rachey,her new best friend...Darnishaa?!she's with her best friend too...i'm so class my best friend is Izzatul and Yasmin...during recess...Yasmin and Izzatul goes to recess with their best friends...


  1. awwwwww i miss u too haish camane nk gie nieh susah mehhh haishoooo ni bikin wa pusing x ape 2 1 day we'll meet again!!!~ :D