Wednesday, 28 December 2011


              Hi,hi there i'm going to let u know about a TRUE FRIEND criteria...well,,,let see down here....i guess almost everything are the same as what u and your friends are like,isn't it???
2.Dresses super cute
3.Shares ice-cream
4.Is my future BFF!
5.Likes to go shopping
6.Loves music
-Likes to bike
-Loves to dance
-Always smiles
-Is mean to others
-Yells a lot
     was it??? @_@Some of them are true right?...Even me and my best friends has some of this...but not all of them are the same...I wish my friends are here...Now i don't know what to do...Maybe shopping??? But,,,i don't like shopping...Ah!(my idea came...),i just need some books and music to put in my head.....Oh yeah! more thing..INTAN.U are invited to my birthday party on 14/1...Don't forget to come...U know my house,right???

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  1. ya know what aku dok asrama x sure leyh dtg,,,n my father mungkin x kasi tgk dulu!!!!!!!~